Our Story

The best choice for your children's feet

We believe that barefoot shoes are better for everyone – that’s why we want to get kids off on the right foot and start their barefoot journey as soon as possible.

Founded by parents, for parents

I’m Iain, founder of BGreater, and like most parents, I want the best for my two children. After my own rehab and wellness journey educated me on foot health and barefoot shoes, I took what I’d learnt and used it to support my children’s health.

Unfortunately, the market didn’t have what I was looking for, especially at a price I could afford. So, I took it upon myself to create shoes that wouldn’t deform my children’s feet, cost the earth, and that looked and felt like they were made for kids.

Passionate about foot health

We believe there is a silent foot health epidemic going on – more and more people need orthotics or complain about how sore their feet are after a full day standing.

That’s why we want to help children’s feet get the best start possible and benefit from all the good things barefoot shoes can bring.