Helping children to BGreater

We’re BGreater and we’re on a mission to give children’s feet the best possible start in life – without the hefty price tag. Our range of affordable kid's barefoot shoes has been developed to give little feet the flexibility and freedom they need to grow healthy and strong. Let your child be themselves from tip to toe. Let them BGreater.

See the difference

  • Regular shoes

    This is an average shoe that you’ve probably purchased for your children or worn yourself, trusting that they were fit for purpose. In fact, they could be deforming feet, which can then cause problems in your knees, hips and back. Even if you go to a high street shop and get feet measured for length and width, toes can still be squashed and restricted due to the general design of non-barefoot.

  • Barefoot shoes

    Here’s an example of our kid's barefoot shoes! As you can see, the toe box has been manufactured to be considerably broader and follow the natural shape of the foot, allowing feet to develop more naturally without constraints. Less squashing, less discomfort – just healthy, comfortable feet.

Kids' shoes, not small adult shoes

  • Thin, flexible sole

    Every BGreater shoe features our thin, flexible sole, which is made to move with your child and give little toes plenty of room to wiggle, jump and run. They’re tough, too, with a wider toe area – built for school, play and all kinds of adventures.

  • Knowing left from right

    BGreater shoes for younger children come with half a smiley face in the left and right shoes, so your little ones can learn how to put their shoes on themselves, building independence and saving you time at the front door.

Our charity pledge

  • When you checkout, you can choose to add a small donation to your purchase. This money is then ring-fenced and set aside to support Sal’s Shoes, our chosen charity who donate shoes to vulnerable children.

  • When we’ve collected enough to cover the cost of a pair of shoes, we’ll donate a pair to Sal’s Shoes, helping disadvantaged children to move naturally.

  • You can also return old BGreater shoes, where the tread is worn out but the uppers are in good condition, to be retreaded and donated.