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Foot Measurer

Foot Measurer

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Find your child’s perfect fit with our handy foot measurer! Make shoe fittings a breeze with no queuing in the high street, no tears and no stress – get the ideal fit straight from home instead.

We ask that you wait to measure your child's feet before ordering, this will reduce order errors and importantly reduce the carbon footprint of the order.

Our foot measurer has the following size range:

Infant 2–Child 4
5–23 cm

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  • Better for little feet

  • Just for kids

  • More affordable

Bgreater barefoot wide toebox shoes vs regular shoes narrow toe box

Why Traditional Shoes Might Limit Your Child's Happy Feet

Traditional shoes with their narrow design can restrict your child's foot growth, impacting their natural movement and connection to the world. By choosing barefoot shoes, you empower their little feet to move freely, ensuring healthy development and joyful exploration. Let them experience comfort and natural growth, just as nature intended.

Embrace Freedom for Little Feet

Our barefoot shoes are a game-changer, offering wide toe boxes and flexible soles for natural foot growth. They're the comfortable, healthy alternative to restrictive traditional shoes. Let your child explore and grow with every step, just as nature intended.

Awards & Features

Over 10,000+ Happy Feet

"My son is so comfortable in his shoes. I was initially worried as he has narrow feet and is prone to running carelessly and falling so needs supportive shoes. Even though my son is 11.5 we got the size 11 and there is ample room."
Sandra Verified Google buyer
"Kids have BGreater school shoes and trainers and find them very comfortable and they look good. Have previously always bought Clarks school shoes and son says these are more comfortable."
Catie Verified Google buyer
"Great quality shoes, and very importantly comfortable and the right shape to not squash any little growing feet or toes! Good value too, Id buy again."
Mary Verified Google buyer

How We Compare

Natural Foot Shape
Can Improve Balance & Posture
Reduces Discomfort
Can Develop Feet Naturally
Large Toe Box
Long Term Foot Problems
All Year
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Customer Reviews

Based on 27 reviews
Marco Pitteri
Useful product

Good product, very useful.



Katalin Hos



This is so handy for keeping on top of the little ones shoe sizes and makes ordering new shoe's so easy

Cathy Orintiene
Very useful

Gives reassurance that ordering the right size!